Episode 1

Published on:

25th Apr 2022

What are Animals?

From the biggest elephant to the littlest fly. From every fish in the sea, to all the birds in the sky. 

Animals are all around us.

Dolphins are animals. Just like owls, salamanders, and the anoles in the tree. 

A salamander may not look like an owl, and an owl definitely doesn’t look like an elephant. Yet, even still, you can tell they are animals just by looking at them.

But why? What could all of these things possibly have in common? What makes an animal an animal?

What is an animal?


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About the Podcast

a new podcast from the creators of The Wild Life
From the creators of The Wild Life comes Class.

Why class? Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

Each season focuses in on a new Phylum, with each episode exploring a new Class of animal. Season One: Mollusca, just wrapped up production and is on its way!

Each episode also comes with educational resources like images, diagrams, and worksheets for free use by students and enthusiasts everywhere.
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